3 Big Problems When You Buy Real Estate to Flip For Profit

When You Buy Real Estate to Flip For Profit it is Tricky Flipping real estate for profit seminars, advertising, and marketing is going on in my town and all over the internet and television. Since I have experience in long term real estate investing and I have friends who have tried to flip for profit, […]

Non-Owner Occupied Rental Real Estate As Investment

REAL ESTATE AS INVESTMENT Some investors prefer real estate as investment for long term investing, even though the work is difficult and the costs are very high. Even with property management its hard work. Property management firms are expensive, and when they quit you have to do the work until you find the next manager. […]

Should You Sell Your Home With a Real Estate Agent or Sale by Owner

Sell Your Home With a Real Estate Agent and Avoid Major Mistakes Here are major issues you may face selling your home by owner: Real estate agents know the process and documents you need to execute the entire selling process properly. The real estate agent will understand how to fill out all the real estate […]

Owner-Occupied Real Estate Now and in The Future as A Personal Investment

Owner occupied real estate now and in the future Your owner-occupied real estate now and in the future, is one of the best long-term investments one can make. Time has shown that owner-occupied real estate can produce tremendous long-term returns. In a few areas of the country the tremendous returns have even been short-term. In […]

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