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5 Things to Consider For First Time Home Buyers

For First Time Home Buyers 1. The Home Buyers Mindset Purchasing a home is an investment if the home is carefully chosen, is well-maintained home, and is affordable for your budget. You have a home buyers mindset if you understand the above and you love to fix things and don’t mind home maintenance from detecting problems to getting […]

3 Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Home, Part 1

There are many reasons you should buy a home. This article applies to owner-occupied ownership when you buy a home, only. Rental real estate is very different than owner occupied home ownership. The loans are more difficult to qualify for than owner occupied, the tax deductions are treated differently, and if you don’t hold the […]

Get a Quality Home or Mortgage With Big Thing Buying Skills

Home or Mortgage; Buying an Affordable Low Maintenance Home and Get a Quality Mortgage YOUR BUDGET The first thing you have to ask is, “How much house can we afford” The payments include P+I+T+I (principle+interest+taxes+insurance). Most of your payment will be principle and interest, taxes vary according to state, and insurance is not a very big cost. […]

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