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How you can easily save $1000 in one year
  • One very easy way to save $1000 this year is to save $2.75 a day, if you go to a Caf頦or a specialty coffee every morning and spend $2.75 or more on a Latte or specialty drink, you can replace that with a regular or cheaper, maybe even just a small size coffee and bank the $2.75 per day.At the end of the year you will have $1003.75 extra dollars!


  • With the price of gas what it is these days, almost $3.00 a gallon, you can walk to save some money.If you have a few errands to do that are near to each other, you can easily save $3.00 a day in gas by walking to your destination.Saving on just one gallon of gas per day will save you over $1000.00 in one year and you will also be getting your exercise!


  • Save up to $1000 a year by ordering subscriptions to magazines rather than paying full price in stores as they come out.Some subscriptions save you half off the cover price! If you purchase magazines monthly or weekly, consider this option and bank the rest of your money in your savings.Even a low interest savings account will add up.


  • If you bank $20 a week from your paycheck, you will end up with $1000.00 in your savings account at the end of the year based on a 50 week work year.An easy way to do this is to have your employer do an automatic deduction.That way you never even see the money and it is added to your balance for you. You will also earn a small amount of interest.You can easily learn to live with $20 less a week and will feel like you are accomplishing something when you get your monthly statement showing your savings grow each week.


  • Keep a large jar by your door, when you get home from work, drop all of your change into the jar, empty your pocket book and pockets of change into the jar.If you really want to save big, add your loose $1 bills. Each day when you leave and return you can see the level of your jar and know you are saving money for yourself.


  • Each time you are going to purchase anything under $5, ask yourself, do I really need this item?If you can go without the item, pocket the $5 and put it into your savings or a jar at home. It is better to add it to a savings so the temptation of dipping in won?t be there.You will be surprised at how quickly even $5 a day can add up.


Michelle Dunn has over 17 years experience in credit and debt collection. She is the founder of Never Dunn Publishing, LLC, is a writer, consultant and the Editorial Advisor for Eli Financial Debt Collection Compliance Alert Newsletter. Michelle started M.A.D. Collection Agency and ran is successfully for 7 years.She also owns and runs Credit & an online community for credit and business professionals.


She has written 5 books in her Collecting Money Series. In addition to writing and marketing her books, Michelle moderates and runs Credit & and is writing The Ultimate Book of Credit & Collections for Entrepreneur Press.Visit or for more information on any of Michelle?s books or services.


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