How a Budget Can Create Financial Freedom in 5 Ways

Financial Freedom Know Where Your Finances Are First Since the most important aspect of financial freedom is no or low debt, I will start with debt. There are those who are in horrific debt and they don’t know it, as high debt is a major robber baron of financial freedom – it is important to […]

Personal Budgeting for Future Sanity in 5 Ways

Personal budgeting for future sanity; Did you know that your sanity in the future could depend on the way you budget your money today? It does. So, get into the habit of including tomorrow into today. I know this sounds like you are only living for tomorrow and not for today. But, believe me, you […]

Big Thing Budgeting in 7 Ways

How to Budget for the big things, use what I call Big Thing Budgeting. USE BIG THING BUDGETING TO GET OUT OF A MOUNTAIN DEBT: CREDIT CARDS, MEDICAL BILLS, PREDATORY LENDING For Individuals, Couples and Small Businesses, you can get out of a mountain of debt if you focus like a laser beam on getting […]

7 Steps of Budget Planning to Avoid Financial Disasters

Financial Disasters Start With The Big Stuff To Avoid Financial Disasters Buying too big with the big stuff such as cars and homes is one of the biggest reasons many cannot withstand a small business or personal financial disaster. Many of us forget that there are affordable ways to buy homes and cars to avoid […]

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