3 Reasons I teach Women to Invest in Mutual Funds

3 reasons I teach women to invest

1.  I teach women to invest in mutual funds because women frequently do not have knowledge of Investments

Investing and particularly mutual funds, are generally not taught in grammar school or college. When investing is taught by parents or schools, boys are usually the target for investing education since they are the ones they feel will be the family wage earners.

Unfortunately, women are not encouraged to learn investing, instead they are taught the mantra, “don’t bother your pretty little head attitude”. I had a male vendor visiting my office noticing investing bulletins on my desk and ask me, “how did you learn about investing”.

I told him, the same way men do. Then, he says “No, I mean, really how did YOU learn”. I ignored him since I knew that he was referring to the male stereotype of investing. I did not feel that was an appropriate question.

Some women are partly to blame because they have the “Prince Charming Syndrome”. Even though women have made many advances in education, some women and their Dads are convinced that they don’t have to bother their “pretty little heads”. 

The theory is that Prince Charming is bound to come into their lives, even though it usually doesn’t work that way.

  1.  Women Usually Live Longer Than Men

According to multiple news sources, women make less than men generally and that makes it even more essential to concentrate on understanding investments you can choose for your retirement. 401k accounts are made of mutual funds directly or in annuities that contain many mutual funds.

Either way, the more you know about mutual funds, the better your 401k will be since you can choose quality mutual funds in your account.

We all know that women usually live longer than men. This means that if you inherit your husbands’ investment account you can manage it with impunity, you don’t have to rely on an outside person. This is especially important since elderly people are frequently the target of unscrupulous investment advisors.

Remember Bernie Madoff, there are many mini-Madoff’s, as I call them, known as lower-level investment scammers. This is a critical reason I teach women to invest in mutual funds.

  1. Women Usually Invest in Simple Low-Profit Investments

Because women don’t usually get investment education, they don’t have quality investment knowledge. The consequence is that they frequently choose low interest simple investments like CD’s and Money Market accounts losing out on years of high interest quality accounts like mutual funds, blue chip stocks, and bonds.

The difference in your balance can amount to hundreds of thousands to millions in losses.

Understanding mutual funds is not difficult, when you get the right information. I teach women to invest in mutual funds in my eBook, Learn to Invest from Stocks to Mutual Funds in 47 Ways, and as a money coach I share my 30 years of mutual fund investment experience.

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3 reasons I teach women to invest in mutual funds

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4 comments on “3 Reasons I teach Women to Invest in Mutual Funds

  1. I learned about mutual funds and basic investing strategies in my early twenties. Its sooooo important for women (and men – I know several that don’t understand a thing about investing). Great article and encouraging for everyone to learn more about how to leverage their money/savings.

    • Thanks for the compliment Kimi. Yes, mutual funds are simple and inexpensive ways to invest if you know how to choose. The choices seem unlimited, and if you understand how to choose your own the savings when you buy and maintain on your own are huge. /Lois

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