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Lois Center-Shabazz, aka MsFinancialSavvy, is a Money Strategist specializing in helping others with Mega-Money Management through what she calls the Money Trio of Guerrilla Budgeting | Sane Savings | Investing Insights. Visit the top toolbar of MsFinancialSavvy.com and schedule a discovery session with Lois. She is also a nature photographer (www.arbazz.net), acrylic painter (www.artbazz.com), and has an online calculator website at www.livericalculators.com. Lois is the author of the Live Rich Save Money! series on Amazon Kindle.

6 comments on “3 Saving Tips to Grow Your Bank Account Over Time

  1. I’m using all of the tips in my daily life!
    Limited number eating out per month (one with friends and one with my partner) helps to save a lot of money really. 🙂 Also i do keep 2 day of the week meat free, and cook vegetarian dishes at home – quoter of the price of a meaty meal – amazing! 🙂
    The other big cost, that you didn’t mention is transport/travelling costs – i cut off half my cost recently by using the firstbus app, where we can buy ticket a lot cheaper than on the bus also when i need a car to somewhere i organise it weeks before and share the car. Good for my good, good for the environment. 🙂 However, there is still a lot to learn about savings…

  2. I’ve been doing all of these things and honsestly the biggest thing for me was not
    eating out anymore. I’m definitely the kind of person who loves take out and delivery, so not doing those things very often ya saved me a ton! Also I use the Qapital app to auto deduct when I buy at certain stores and it rounds up when it’s not an even dollar amount and puts that change away too!

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