3 Small but Powerful Ways to Save Money Now

3 power ways to save

  1. Start small

    These suggestions are small but powerful ways to save money for many reasons, here are three. Most people don’t save because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of bills and emergencies that come up constantly. Start with small savings and work your way up. Place a jar on your dresser and fill it will extra coins from your pocket or wallet daily or weekly. This is only a start, but it is doable.

  1. Save by saving on everything you do.

    The daily and weekly things you must do are the things you should save the most on. Examples are gas, groceries, and utilities. Keep a record.

  1. Windfalls are the easiest way to save big

    When you get a big tax windfall, refund, or inheritance, use a portion to pay off or down bills (this saves on monthly cost), place a portion in savings and use the rest to buy what you need, and a small portion to buy something that is affordable and makes you happy.

powerful ways to save money

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8 comments on “3 Small but Powerful Ways to Save Money Now

  1. My husband is constantly telling me we need to save money, he sounds like a broken record most of the time. These are really great tips that I can implement and hopefully put his mind at ease!

  2. I like your advice under the “Windfalls” category. It’s important to buy yourself something special – it’s a great way to be satisfied and feel good about your sudden flush of cash, but not to go out and blow it!


  3. Getting a windfall is always hard for us to manage. When tax time comes we talk big about remodeling the kitchen (original kitchen since 1985, yikes). Or finishing our basement. But that never happens.
    We usually use it to offset our overspending indulgent lifestyle until the end of summertime and our bank account is on E.
    Really good tips thanks!!

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