How to Find Career Solutions if Your Job is More Stress Than a Paycheck

Learn Career Solutions It seems that career solutions are in order if your job is more stress than a paycheck, according to statistics many Americans fit the profile. Recent reports say that half of all Americans are unhappy in their jobs. I was not surprised by this statistic. I used to work in a building where I […]

Being a Self-Employed Business Means Guarding Your Time

Self-Employed Business As a self-employed business consultant and software instructor for the past ten years, I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked “What do you do on the days that you aren’t teaching a class?” For some reason, people have the perception that when I am not teaching, I sit by […]

Small Business Ideas; The Impact of Politics on the Business Climate in the U.S.

Small Business Ideas     The United States of America is a unique nation in the world in allowing individuals the freedom and opportunity to start a  business using small business ideas they have collected for years. If done right they can increase their standard of living and overall standing in life. Individual ambition, motivation, and […]