How to Buy Cars That Save You Money in 3 Ways

How to Buy Cars That Save You Money

How to buy cars that save you money in 3 ways

Research Cars With Low Miles Per Gallon

Whether it is a used car, new-used car or a new car, research car mileage on both the highway and surface streets for the car you are interested in. The miles per gallon of gas per car, can and will save you money on your car ownership, in the short term and long term if you take care of your car. Gas mileage is crucial when it comes to “how to buy cars to save money”.

Gas mileage varies widely, even in economy cars. Just because it is a small car doesn’t mean you will have good gas mileage, so gas mileage should be researched independently.

The Vin #

Most people have no idea what a VIN # is, especially women car owners, but if you buy a used car of any type, you should check the vin # to see if there are outstanding recalls on the car, if the car has not been stolen, what number of owners the car has had, and if it has been in a major accident. You may not be able to find out all these things, but most should be available. The vin# appears in the windshield on the side, very low, next to the dashboard. The  VIN#, often overlooked by buyers, is probably one of the most important numbers on your car.
If you want to understand the number one aspect “how to buy cars” that save money, know your VIN”.

The New-Used Car

The new used certified car can usually be purchased from a new car lot on the used side. It usually comes with a 100 point (or close to that), engine check and a warranty. The cars are usually anywhere from 1-4 years old. The certified cars save money because of the warranty in case something major goes wrong. The certified cars usually cost a little more, but in the long run, the certification will pay off.
How to buy cars that save money is more complex than most women understand, but a little knowledge goes a long way, so look for more car buying articles here.

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The ultimate guide to car buying for women

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